What is a WIKI ?

Web compatible software for .. Information management and creation / organising / notetaking / sharing / storage / retrieval .. 



Why do I need that ?

20th Century methods of creating Folders full of Documents, Content, Presentations and Spreadsheets are clumsy and difficult to manage and transfer from person to person.  Imagine an employee who leaves the business after developing hundreds of files of miscellaneous and important information.  Without a rigorous structure and index the new staff member receives a difficult headwind before striking their first blow for the business.

Enter Wiki info. management .... these hundreds of  files are surrounded by  meaningful text meta data  - that explains the context of the files and puts them into an easy to manage  text based hierarchy.  On top of that are ..

  • weblinks and content to bring current information into the information store.
  • contextual cross reference tags/links to improve the useability of the information.
  • files have an attached text comment (like on a mac)
  • Full searchability - the meta data can be searched and makes finding the right file easy.
  • others features.


Why don't i use Cloud Wiki ?

I don't know about you but I cetainly don't want all my private content and intellectual property on some webserver in another State or Country and ultimately under someone else's control.   Things change out there and what might be safe and well today can be difficult and costly (or completely lost) next year.  

 Enter the IntRAnet WIKI ...   An intranet is a local LAN version of the internet protocols and data transfer methods.  It is localized and seperate from the internet but gains the benefit of internet content access and cross referencing.   The Wiki provides the software and structural methods from which to coallate the web content and your local information into a meaningful and useful repository.  By nature the wiki is collaborative and multiuser.   (As a bonus, parts of your repository can easliy be made ready for web publishing).  


Don't I need an expensive server to run a Wiki on my LAN ?

Happy day ! - And thanks to opensource guys like JPL ... The answer is NO.  Wiki software has developed since 1995 into a full blow information system like JPL's 'Redmine' software.  It has heaps of features that provide similar suitability for task as with MS sharepoint.   Sharepoint server systems of course cost upwards from $5000 dollars for 5 users and that does not include yearly fees and server management.

 Because the Wiki software is web based and developed with modern methods it remains terse and efficient and can be run with high performance on basic (low cost) hardware. 

Why can't I  DIY my own WIKI install ? 

Maybe if you are a unix geek and are technical minded and have a few hundred hours spare you can build a useable system like ours ..  thats the beauty of opensource. . go for it !   


You can just buy our simple and well thought out system to bring your information into the 21st Century with you.

What happens if you can't help us ?

Happy day !  -  we are on an info. management adventure with thousand of others that have had similar problems to you ... go on google them up right now ! 


Why don't I install similar software directly onto my workstation ?

That would be entirely possible and most likely more expensive and less useful.

  • Wiki works best as server based software
  • Web protocols make it multiuser and collaborative
  • SQL database and unix underpants make it strong and reliable

 I find it comforting to know that I can grab my WikiBox, anytime, chuck it in my backpack and run for it in case of an emergency.